Specializing in custom corporate embroidered apparel

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Commonly Asked Questions

TAG realizes that you may have many questions. We try to anticipate all your questions, and we answer many of them here. However, if we do not answer your question, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an E Mail.

What is TAG's minimum order?

Our minimum order is four pieces. The four pieces do not have to be identical, for example you may order 1 medium Golf Shirt, 1 extra large T Shirt, 1 Golf Towel, and 1 Baby Bib. We only ask if you order any hat, please order at least four. Also, some jackets do not have minimum order. Please call or E Mail with any questions.

How do I have my logo set up for embroidery?

If you have never had your logo embroidered, TAG will need to have  your logo digitized. Digitizing costs range from anywhere from $40, for a small simple design, to $370, for a large intricate design. To give an exact quote we need to see your logo. Once we have your logo digitized we can enlarge it or shrink it up to 50% of it's original size. The reason for the ability to change the size of your logo is needed so TAG can give you absolutely the best look for your clothing. On golf shirts your logo will look great at one size, however if we put your logo on a sweatshirt, we may need to enlarge it so your logo will look even better.

I already have my logo digitized, can you use that?

Chances are TAG can use your digitizing if you have already had done. If you supply us with your digitizing, we would be more than happy to read it into our computer, however, if we feel that your digitizing is not to TAG's standards, me may ask you to have us re-digitize it for you.

Do I have to use your clothing?

No. We recommend that you order your clothing from TAG We offer a complete line of corporate and sportswear. If there is something that you are looking for in paticular, please do not hesitate to ask us, chances are we will be able to supply it for you. If there still is a need for you to supply your clothing, TAG will glady embroider it for you.

After I place my order, how long before I receive it?

Normally TAG ships your order within ten business days.

What if I have a rush order?

Rush orders are usually not a problem. TAG tries to meet all our customers needs. In cases of rush orders, our customers may have to pay some overnight charges.

How do I pay TAG!

TAG sells everything C.O.D. However, for large accounts credit terms are available. Please E Mail or call for specific credit information. TAG  also accepts Master Card, Visa and American Express.

Do I have to be a company to order from TAG?

NO! Baseball/softball teams, family reunions and picnics are common customers at TAG. We only ask that you meet our minimum order.

On some off chance that I have a problem, what should I do?

Please contact us immediately. In the uncertain event of a problem TAG will be happy to correct any problem that you may have.

Send mail to [email protected]
with any questions or comments concerning Tag Sportswear.