Specializing in custom corporate embroidered apparel

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What is TAG Sportswear?

TAG Sportswear is an embroidery company located in Canton, Ohio. TAG is a division of Sew Bee It, LLC.   We have been in the embroidery business for 18 years and been in business overall for over 50 years.
At TAG we have a saying, " When It Comes To Your Embroidery... TAG!... We're It!" This may be a cute little saying, but it goes directly to the heart of our company. At TAG the customer and their embroidery is first and foremost.


TAG's quality is second to none. Many of TAG's "seconds" that are not deemed to be a quality product by our quality control department could be easily found on any retail shelf selling for full price. TAG's embroiderers often attend training seminars to keep up with the latest techniques. At TAG we understand that without quality, it does not matter how low are prices are, our customers simply will not be happy without a high quality product.


We understand that everyone wants their order when it is placed, at TAG we try to deliver your product as soon as possible. Our normal turn around time is approximately 10 business days. If there is a need for a rush order, please do not hesitate to ask us if it is possible, many times it is. At TAG when we give you a confirmed delivery date, you can take it to the bank, you'll have your order on the day we promised. Upon receiving your order you will notice that your merchandise will be folded neatly and protected by plastic inside a strong corrugated cardboard box. TAG wants you to be able to take your order right out of the box and start wearing your clothes immediately.


At TAG we use state of the art embroidery machines and computer software. We are constantly researching the industry to find out how we can better serve you, our customer. Embroidery is a computer generated business, and as you probably know, computers advance basically everyday, so staying on top of embroidery technology is very important at TAG. New technology is always exciting, please stop by the What's New At TAG? section of our site to learn about the newest things TAG offers.


TAG is proud to offer the best embroidered corporate and sportswear at a very reasonable price. TAG fairly prices all our merchandise, however, you may find some things cheaper from our competition. When we say cheaper, we mean cheaper in every sense of the word. At TAG you will receive a high quality product that will last you a very long time at a very reasonable cost.


Other than, "When It Comes To Your Embroidery... TAG!... We're It!" we have one other saying that shows you the heart of our company. "If We Don't Take Care Of Our Customers, Someone Else Will." Our philosophy is simple. Make our customers happy. We believe if you are happy with TAG, you will never leave, and hopefully, you will tell your friends about us.

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with any questions or comments concerning Tag Sportswear.